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Best Cherry Pie Recipe

Though the holiday season is technically over, that’s no reason to stop making scrumptious treats.  Whether you are hosting an extravagant soiree or just having family over for a meal, you should always have some dessert on hand for those who have a sweet tooth. It’s debatable which dessert is king but in honor of… Read more »

Our Favorite Movies

Awards season is upon us once again. It’s time to get into the spirit to celebrate the amazing actors and actresses that grace all our favorite movies and television shows. Though we at Cheyenne Cigars aren’t expert movie critics, we thought we would share with you a short list of our favorite classic movies by… Read more »

Buy Local, USA Made Products

Cheyenne Cigars are proudly crafted in a small town called Grover, NC which is located next door to the Blue Ridge Mountains. When we say small town, we really mean it. Grover has a population of around 700. Being created in this special USA town makes us humble and appreciate where we come from. Never… Read more »

Cocktail Recipes to Match Your Favorite Style

Have you ever been sitting on your back deck, relaxing and enjoying your cigar, and wondered “Man! If only I had a cocktail that tasted as good as my favorite style of Cheyenne Cigars.” We’ve thought the same thing! All the research, testing, and tasting have been done for your benefit, and we found a… Read more »

Top Tailgate Activities

Football preseason is upon us and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to tailgate! Of course, the game is a great experience no matter who is playing, but the real fun begins in the parking lots before the teams play. When you approach the stadium, there is a sea of your team’s colors,… Read more »

Best Food to Cook at a Tailgate

Football season is just around the corner, and you know what that means: tailgate parties! While some people will try to get by with just bringing coolers of ice-cold refreshments and store-bought sandwiches, we at Cheyenne Cigars want you to have the tailgate spot that stands out from the crowd. Just like a kitchen in… Read more »

Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally upon us! After a wet spring season, we are ready to dry off and have some summer fun. Cheyenne Cigars has prepared a great bucket list to help you get this party started! Go camping. Get out of the house for a weekend and go off the grid! There’s no better way… Read more »

Salute the Troops

It is always the time to honor and remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military. Many people often wonder what they can do to honor these fallen souls. We at Cheyenne Cigars have a few suggestions on how to best go about doing that: Show your… Read more »

Inspiration for your New Year Resolution

Cheyenne Cigars is excited for what is to come in the new year and we’ve committed our own resolutions to make your Cheyenne Cigar experience even better! If you’re looking for a resolution of your own, read below for some inspiration. Set up a budget and stick with it. You would be amazed if you… Read more »

What Being American-Made Means to Cheyenne Cigars

Cheyenne Cigars are proudly made in Grover, North Carolina. Our small-town roots have instilled core American values within every aspect of our company. Here’s what being American-made means to us. We value creating products that are not only made in the USA but produced by local, hardworking Americans. Cheyenne’s small-town principles have taken our cigars… Read more »