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Spookiest Podcasts

It’s officially spooky season! That means more skeletons, scarecrows, haunted houses, and our personal favorite, horror stories! Get in the Halloween spirit by checking out our list of top 15 spooky podcasts that are sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We apologize in advance if you have to… Read more »

Fall Bucket List

The September equinox is here which means it is officially the start of our favorite season… fall! We love the beauty of the changing autumn leaves and breaking out our comfy sweater weather attire this time of year. The only problem? It always seems to be over as quickly as it began. In order to… Read more »

Tailgating Fun Facts

Tailgating is a centerpiece of American sports culture. Sure, everyone loves the thrill of watching your favorite team compete but there’s no question that the fellowship of tailgating is an essential staple to an overall great sports season. Whether you’re going to the game or not, tailgating always means good food, good friends, and good… Read more »

Little Known American Inventions

America has always been a country fueled by innovators. Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, the Wright brothers invented the first successful motor-operated aircraft, and George Foreman invented the legendary George Forman Grill®. Since its early days, the United States has been pumping out impressive and noteworthy products and technologies that have changed everyday… Read more »

Perfect Poolside Playlist

Pack your cooler and grab your sunscreen because pool days are here! The perfect pool day consists of sunshine, a cool breeze, great friends, and the ultimate summer playlist. Go ahead and grab the aux because we’ve got you’ve covered with the ultimate list of wet tunes to play while you catch those rays! Song… Read more »

Veggies to Plant in Spring

Spring solstice marked the beginning of hardy, and hopefully bountiful, planting season this year. Thanks to the mild temperatures and damp soil, early spring is the perfect time to bring your garden back to life with a variety of colorful and tasty vegetables that the entire family can savor! We love getting our fingers in… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means it’s time to prepare the perfect love song playlist! Whether you have a fancy dinner reservation, planning a date night at home, or just hanging out by yourself, these songs are bound to get your heartstrings pulling! Song Artist Best Part Daniel Caesar (feat H.E.R.)… Read more »

How to Start a Fire No Matter Where You Are

Imagine. You’ve been hiking all day and you’re on the way back to your car when all of a sudden, you get turned around. Your phone is dead, the map is in the glove compartment and you can now see the sun setting between the trees. You’re forced to set up camp for the night… Read more »

Charities to Consider Supporting Around the Holidays

Tis’ the season for caroling, sipping hot chocolate, and gingerbread house competitions. Each year, the holiday season can seem to go by in a flash. Between finding the perfect gifts, attending all those great Christmas parties, and traveling near and far to see loved ones, the new year will be here before you can even… Read more »

Halloween Cocktails

As the sun starts to set and the air begins to get thick with fog, a light chilly breeze sweeps through your window. The shadows from the trees grow larger and darker in your neighborhood. Streetlamps begin to flicker on, only to cast a bleak light on the road. Spooky figures begin to crowd the… Read more »