Obscure Holidays

Everyday should be a holiday! We chose one unknown holiday from every month to celebrate. Now you can celebrate more often and try new things! Add these to your calendar so you have something to look forward to every few weeks.

January 25, Opposite Day

Who else forgot about this holiday? And yes, there’s a real day dedicated to it! Let’s bring it back and turn our day upside down.

February 18, National Drink Wine Day

Like we needed an excuse to sip on some wine on a winter day! Enjoy your favorite blend on this important holiday.

March 15, National Napping Day

A day dedicated to resting. Sweet dreams.

April 26, National Pretzel Day

For all The Office lovers out there, you know this holiday can turn a workday around.

May 8, National Mini Golf Day

This holiday can be celebrated without having to practice your swing. FOUR!

June 10, National Iced Tea Day

As a company from the south, we know that there is nothing quite like a refreshing sweet tea on a hot summer day.

July 29, National Chili Dog Day

July is the month for cooking hotdogs on the grill, but the 29th sound like the perfect excuse to add a little extra to your favorite guilty pleasure.

August 6, International Beer Day

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Enjoy a brew or two on this international holiday. Bottoms up!

September 25, National Ghost Hunting Day

Spooky season is on the horizon. Get in the mood and go on a hunt for the paranormal!

October 18, National No Beard Day

Start fresh! To prepare yourself for no shave November you better take advantage of this holiday.

November 14, National Pickle Day

If you eat pickles out of the jar on a hamburger or enjoy a rowdy pickle back, this is your day. This vinegar-soaked vegetable deserves a day of celebration!

December 17, National Ugly Sweater Day

This holiday decided to embrace the ugly and sweep us up into the holiday spirit. Hit up those thrift stores to find some true vintage gems!