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Ways To Save Money

We all have that voice in the back of our head saying, “put some money away for your savings” when you receive your paycheck. It’s hard to do especially when you have a mental list of things you have been looking forward to purchasing. Good news! Saving money doesn’t always have t mean putting it… Read more »

Some Things Worth Splurging On

If self-care is wrong, we don’t want to be right. It’s been a stressful past few months and it’s time you treat yourself! You deserve it. With all this extra time we have had lying around being stuck inside, we’ve become quite the online shoppers. Check out these products that go above and beyond any… Read more »

90s Playlist

Did you hear?! The 90s are cool again. We all want the curtain bangs like Rachel Green, bucket hats are the key to a cool outfit and boy bands are all that and a bag of chips. Let’s flash back to the past with some music we all can’t help but bop our head to… Read more »

Places to Visit in NC, Our Home State

  Beaches or mountains? You take your pick. North Carolina is a traveler’s dream from its beautiful coast to its one of a kind mountain scenery. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder visitors flock here from all across the country throughout all parts of the year to experience the scenic state. We wouldn’t… Read more »

Obscure Hobbies

  Throughout the last year, finding a hobby seemed to be on everyone’s mind. From redecorating your entire home to planting a garden in your backyard. There were so many things to fill your days working from home. We are going to share some not-so-ordinary hobbies that you may want to try your hand at!… Read more »

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  Autumn is the season that brings all the senses alive. It’s the cooling temperatures, the beautiful sight of the changing colored leaves and the sweet smells and tastes of the many delicious fall festive dishes. Pumpkin pie is a classic family favorite that is perfect during the holiday season, and even better, it won’t… Read more »

Places to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

  While this year has been filled with new and unexpected events, the holiday season is always something you can count on to help lift your spirits and end the year on a positive note! Whether it be the cool and crisp change in the air outside, spending time with family and friends, or taking… Read more »

Spookiest Podcasts

  It’s officially spooky season! That means more skeletons, scarecrows, haunted houses and our personal favorite, horror stories! Get in the Halloween spirit by checking out our list of top 15 spooky podcasts that are sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. We apologize in advance if you have… Read more »

Fall Bucket List

The September equinox is here which means it is officially the start of our favorite season… fall! We love the beauty of the changing autumn leaves and breaking out our comfy sweater weather attire this time of year. The only problem? It always seems to be over as quickly as it began. In order to… Read more »

Tailgating Fun Facts

Tailgating is a centerpiece of American sports culture. Sure, everyone loves the thrill of watching your favorite team compete but there’s no question that the fellowship of tailgating is an essential staple to an overall great sports season. Whether you’re going in the game or not, tailgating always means good food, good friends, and good… Read more »