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Tips on Keeping a Tidy Home

We’re not afraid to admit that our home is not always clean. Let’s face it, who really has time to clean every inch of their house every day? The kitchen and bathrooms are the bane of our existence. Rather than complaining about the lack of dust we aspire to have in our homes, we came… Read more »

Self-Care Checklist

Start your journey of self-love and pampering. In the hustle and bustle of life, taking a moment for yourself is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! It’s time to give your mind and body exactly what it needs. So, set the vibe and check off the list! We have a few things that you… Read more »

What Your Bling Says About You

You might not realize it, but the jewelry you wear says a lot about you. From the sparkling diamonds to quirky charms, your bling can be more than just eye candy — it’s a silent storyteller, expressing a little something about who you are with each and every sparkling piece. Let’s dive a little deeper… Read more »

Irresponsible Ways to Spend Your Paycheck

CHA-CHING, IT’S PAYDAY!! The bank account is looking pretty hefty and instead of paying it on bills like a responsible person, we think it would be better to spend it on something you’ve always wanted and handle the consequences later. Here are some ways to spend your paycheck the irresponsible way: Pockets ain’t looking too… Read more »

Start Your Day on the Right Side of the Bed

Mornings. They can either start off good or bad. What do you choose? Obviously, you want to wake up in a good mood, but are you making the intention to do so? Somedays we wake up refreshed, feeling good, and ready for the day. On other days we get the complete opposite. Groggy, irritated, and… Read more »

International Travel Tips

Getting ready to take a flight overseas? Traveling is fun, but knowing what you’ll need can be hard. You may be wondering what you should keep in mind before you board the flight. Luckily, we have some tips for you to be fully prepared before your nice getaway. Do your research The worst thing you… Read more »

Icy Blended Drinks

Sometimes an icy cold drink is just what we need to cure our cravings. No matter if you want something sweet, something sour, or something with a little twang (if you know what we mean 😉), a blended drink is just what you need. So, get your blender ready to whip up one of these… Read more »

Best Bar Games

When you take a trip to the bar, of course you’re there for the drinks, but the real star of the night is the endless games you can play with your friends. Get the drinks pouring and start a game! You’ll for sure have the best night yet with your pals. Check out what we… Read more »

Perks of Living In a Big City

Say hello to the big city! The thought of your very own loft apartment, a coffee shop a few feet away, and your favorite bodega down the street is enough to call the city home. We could name a thousand reasons why big-city living is the best decision ever, but we’ll keep it short. Better… Read more »

Different Holiday Traditions from Around the Globe

Have you ever wondered how people around the globe celebrate the holidays? The United States of course has its traditions, but many people around the globe celebrate the holiday season a little differently. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll make a trip to experience one of these yourself! KFC® Dinner in Japan Instead of gathering… Read more »